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Why is there a need for sustainability in the real estate sector?

by jamesjones

As the world is witnessing a digital revolution, there’s nothing that can stop people from achieving what they want. Skyscrapers, metro cities, shopping malls everything is just elevating the lifestyle of the community. But one thing that needs communities’ attention is the alarming depletion rate of natural resources. People are building their houses, malls so rapidly that the sustainability and planning of a greener tomorrow has already taken the backseat. 

The best way to tackle this situation is by implementing some nature-friendly ways that can solve both the requirements of the community and also boost sustainability. The initiative of Environment building certification is also playing a vital role in encouraging people to plan sustainable buildings that are strong, stylish, and nature-friendly. So let’s discuss some key reasons why you should proceed with a sustainable approach and how it is beneficial for you and the whole of humankind. 

Energy conservation

You will be conserving energy and money in the long run if you build your home with sustainable materials. How may I ask? Twofold, you save energy because you use sustainable materials whose manufacturing processes result in less waste that must be dumped into landfills. You also reduce your home’s energy consumption by utilizing materials that are more efficient, such as triple-pane windows. These twofold benefits to making your home out of sustainable materials will result in lower energy bills and reduce the impact that you have on the environment, both now and long into the future. 

Guilt-free, healthy, and comfortable home

Environmentally built green homes are indeed more healthy and pleasant. Sustainable building materials emit few, if any, toxins such as carcinogens, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), or mold spores. Numerous materials improve a home’s air quality—including natural wool carpeting, air systems that bring clean outdoor air indoors, and paints with low to no VOCs. But some new products on the market are labeled “organic” or eco-friendly but may not be healthy for your body.

Minimum waste

Reclaimed or recycled materials are frequently used in the construction of sustainable buildings. It’s simple: the more we recycle and reuse items, the less we buy new ones and deplete natural resources (and waste less energy creating new materials). While we may not live in a home that is specifically constructed using eco-friendly materials, it is nice to know that by employing even one or two such building components, we can reduce our carbon imprint.

It may be the result of a variety of little changes, such as LED light bulbs or programmable thermostats. Using such recycled material is also viable for achieving the Environment building certification. 

Using smart recycled Wood

You may have a long-lasting home while still displaying the lovely grain of the wood but do you know, not all wood comes from ancient clear-cuts. Several flooring manufacturers are reclaiming timber from demolished structures and re-finishing it into beautiful new floors. You get gorgeous time-worn wood flooring while also saving a lot of trees!

Bamboo and Cork are both examples of sustainable and environmentally friendly hardwood products since they are fast-growing plants that can be harvested in a manner that is relatively benign to the environment.

An environment-friendly initiative

It may appear to be a little foolish and overly “feel good,” but don’t underestimate your sustainability efforts. The bragging rights alone are enough to encourage some people to become more sustainable— hey, how much did I save on my energy bill last month? OR Allergies? No, we don’t have that problem at home… Then there’s the question of setting an example for future generations. We must set the best examples possible, and the only way future generations will know how to live sustainably is through example.

When you purchase reusable products, you’re making the world a better place. It may appear to be overly idealistic and unattainable, but that is precisely what you do when you buy reusable goods.

So these are some of the key reasons why you should consider building a sustainable home. And if you’re on the verge of starting the construction of your new home, then you should build it only after considering the key factors stated by the Green Building Initiative. It’s a non-profit government organization that focuses on making the world a better place. And guess what? Following all the guidelines correctly can get you an Environment building certification. So what are you waiting for? Click here to know more.  

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