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Which Kinds Of Investments Do Qualify For An Australian Investor Visa?

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Which Kinds Of Investments Do Qualify For An Australian Investor Visa?

The investor visa in Australia is for people who take part in business and investment activities within the country. The holder of this visa acquires permission to reside in Australia for an indefinite period. It is also possible to apply for Australian citizenship as soon as you become eligible.

Before applying for the investor visa, you will have to hold an investment of around AUD 1.5 million for four years. It is also necessary to stay in Australia for two years out of the four years of holding the investment. If you want to know what eligible investments are under this visa, you will have to keep reading.

Eligible Investments Under The Investor Visa In Australia

Immigration lawyer perth will tell you that you need to have at least one and a half million dollars to invest in Australia. As an investor migrant, you can invest more than two million sterling as well. Sometimes reaching a higher threshold can help you get the visa quickly.

But investments against a loan that has already been taken out do not stand eligible. If the investments are a part of non-Australia custody accounts, they will not be permitted. The funds of a migrant investor have to be invested in eligible investments.

Qualifying Investments Where The Funds Of The Investors Must Be Used At All Times

Australian Government Bonds

This is applicable only when the migrant investor has obtained the investor visa before March 29, 2019. Such investor migrants will have to submit their applications for an extension before April 5, 2023. It will enable them to rely on Australian government investment bonds. The applications for permanent settlements must be submitted by April 5, 2025.

Loan Or Share Capital

The investor can invest their money in share capital or loans such as corporate bonds. But the share or loan capital has to be a part of a trading and active company registered in Australia. The company has to be registered with Companies House. It is also essential for the company to be registered with HMRC for the purpose of corporation tax.

At least two of the employees of the company have to be based in Australia. The two employees cannot be a part of the board of directors of the company. Furthermore, the business must have a bank account of their own that shows trading of goods and services on a regular basis.

Pooled Investment Vehicles

The investments must receive funding from the government of Australia. The funding might also be provided by a devolved department of the government. Sometimes the funding can also be provided by a government agency.

Additional Requirements For An Investment To Become Qualifying

The Home Office Department will verify if your investments meet the requirements of the investment visa. The capital of the first investment must be invested during the resident’s stay in the country under the investor category.

If the investment gets sold at a loss, a new investment has to be bought at the selling price of the investment. Even if the investment is sold at a profit, a new investment needs to be purchased. After selling one investment, the next investment must be sold within six months. But if the next reporting period comes sooner, the investment has to be sold before that.

The investor migrants can remove their income levels from the portfolio. However, the declared dividends and the accrued interest can be removed only after the date of purchasing the qualifying investment. It is not possible to use the investment capital to pay any transaction fee, tax, or portfolio management fee.

But if the investment rate is more than AUD 1.5 million, the surplus can be used to pay certain charges. However, the surplus has to be invested before or on the date of the charges. The surplus can be used without having to consider the market value of the funds.

Investments That Are Not Accepted Under The Investor Visa In Australia

Immigration lawyers in Perth will tell you these funds are not accepted in Australia:

  • Funds are invested through an offshore trust or company.
  • Funds that are a part of open-ended investment trusts, companies, or pooled investment vehicles.
  • Funds that are a part of property investment, the management or development companies. It includes companies that gain return investments through rental income. But construction manufacturers, firms, or retailers with their own premises are acceptable.
  • Funds are not allowed to be invested through bank deposits, society, or other enterprises whose business revolves around accepting deposits.
  • Applications that are based on the basis of leveraging investment funds.

General Eligible Criteria For The Investor Visa In Australia

  • You need to be involved in managing a qualifying business for a minimum of one year.
  • You need to possess business assets of around AUD 2.5 million.
  • You have to be under the age of 55 years.
  • You need to score at least 65 on the points test.
  • The funds you possess can be invested in a variety of assets, including companies that are under the Australian stock exchange.
  • A balancing investment of a minimum of 1.25 AUD has to be managed in the funds.
  • If you have an indirect investment in residential property through managed funds, you can be eligible for the visa.
  • The Department of Home Affairs has to be convinced that you are committed to taking part in investment activities. Even if you have the intention to establish a business or maintain substantial ownership, you can apply for this visa.

Wrapping Up

The requirements for the investor visa are quite complicated. You need to have adequate knowledge about each criterion to get your visa application approved. It is prudent to hire a Migration Lawyer Perth for guidance regarding the investor visa application. If you commit a mistake in terms of your investment, the applicant will be at risk of breaching immigration rules. Therefore, visit a reliable lawyer and ensure that you are able to convince the Department of Home Affairs regarding your business intentions in Australia.

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