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Which AWS Certification is Ideal for You and Why?

by anveshajain

There is no doubt that AWS can prove to be a fantastic platform for you. Many companies are now using AWS to transfer their workflows to the cloud. However, this transfer needs innovative skills for designing and managing apps. 

Right now, AWS happens to be the pioneer when it comes to public cloud adoption. As many as 12 certifications are offered by AWS right now. In this article, we will discuss which AWS certification you choose.

Why is AWS certification so vital?

It will be possible for you to showcase your expertise to your prospective employers with the help of certifications. As mentioned earlier, lots of businesses are shifting their workflows into the cloud. AWS is the leader of cloud computing at present. Consequently, it will be a sensible idea to become AWS cloud certified.

AWS certification types

AWS provides as many as 12 certifications with different types of AWS training and certification programs, including 

1. Foundational certification

All those who happen to be beginners in cloud computing will find this certification to be beneficial. It is the most recent certification offered by AWS and helps the student comprehend the AWS cloud properly. However, it does not delve deep into the subject since the questions are relatively straightforward. One needs to have basic knowledge about AWS cloud for six months to be entitled to this certification. It is 90 minutes in length, and its cost is US$100.

2. Associate certification

This AWS associate certification will be suitable for any person having practical working experience with AWS services. Candidates have to showcase their competency in designing and implementing apps by using AWS tools and services. The time required for this exam is 130 minutes, and its price is US$ 150. As compared to the foundational certification, this one is somewhat more difficult.

3. Professional certification

Candidates will need professional experience and some expertise for this particular certification. You will come across a couple of AWS professional certifications online at present. This exam covers an extensive range of topics, making it quite challenging for candidates. One has to undergo adequate AWS certification training to succeed in this exam. 

It will be a good idea to undertake an associate certification before going for a professional-level exam. Then, select the examination which will be suitable for your profession after having the much-needed experience. This exam is 170 minutes in length, and its price is US$ 300.

4. Specialty certification

Individuals having the intention of specializing in some particular skills will find this certification to be helpful. On most occasions, this examination occurs after one has completed the associate certification. This hierarchy exists because it will allow the candidate to showcase their skills in a particular field.

It is essential to figure out how challenging this certification might be before undertaking it. The reason for this is that these certifications differ when it comes to difficulty. You will come across as many as six speciality AWS certifications at present.

Which certification should you choose?

If you would like to become an AWS Cloud architect, it is essential to remember that all certifications are crucial. You should consider your interests and role as a professional while considering which one will be ideal for you. 

However, it will be prudent to commence your career with the associate certification offered by AWS because it will allow you to become familiar with the core AWS services and AWS ecosystem. Besides this, one has to go for an associate certification before undertaking the professional one. 

Is it worthwhile to get an AWS certification?

It is a fact that these certifications offered by AWS will help to make your resume look better. Moreover, they will enable you to generate a good salary while enhancing your profession as well. A recognized AWS credential will help to boost your chances while applying for a particular position. The good thing is that it is possible to take these certifications online right now.

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