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What happens when a borrowed car gets involved in an accident?

by jamesjones

Car accidents happen all the time. As a matter of fact, about 1.3 million people die annually as a result of car accidents. While it is easy to get compensation if your car has been damaged by the other party, what if the car does not belong to you in the first place?

When you borrow a car, it is crucial to think about what happens if your borrowed car gets involved in an accident. If you are not sure of the answer, this blog post will help shed some light on how these situations unfold and what steps to take if they do occur.

What happens if a borrowed car faces a car accident?

It depends on how things play out. Sometimes one driver may bear more responsibility than another if driving recklessly or speeding when they crashed. Still, other times both individuals could be equally responsible for what happened. 

It is recommended consulting with legal counsel about these types of cases if you’re unsure who might have been primarily at fault for causing the crash— this way, you can ensure you don’t accidentally incriminate yourself if it turns out that the other driver was also at fault.

What to do in case of an accident?

When accidents happen, it’s essential to know your rights. If you’re involved in an accident involving a borrowed car, the best thing is to call the police and contact insurance companies as soon as possible. 

You’ll want to ensure that all drivers are insured with coverage for this type of situation – which may not be something they usually think about when borrowing someone else’s vehicle!

What to do after the accident?

An accident happened while you had borrowed someone else’s car. This usually means that the insurance policy on the vehicle owner does not transfer over to you if it gets involved in an accident while being driven by you so be aware! 

You are now only covered under your car insurance policy with whatever coverage limits and deductibles apply.

  • If possible, try to get a written statement from witnesses who saw how the accident happened before leaving the scene of any accidents involving vehicles no matter whose fault they think it was or whether or not somebody got injured.
  • Call 911 – even if nobody appears wounded. Still, there might have been damage caused to the property such as other cars calling 911 because this is a police report which will help with any insurance claims later on or if somebody decides to take legal action against you.
  • Call your car insurance company and tell them what happened. Ensure they give you a claim number in case there is damage and that this number follows the vehicle through the repair process to ensure everything goes smoothly for both parties involved!
  • Proceed with calling your auto body shop because most of the time when we get into accidents our first thought is just getting out of there as quickly as possible.
  •  If you’re ever involved in an accident with a borrowed car, make sure to get the vehicle’s owner’s information and take pictures of any damage. You may need it for your insurance claim or legal proceedings. And if that driver has coverage under their auto policy, they’ll likely want proof before paying out – so be prepared!

Even if nobody was hurt, every little bit helps make things easier down the road which could save everybody money – including yourself in terms of potential lawsuits from other drivers.


Even though these might be common-sense steps when thinking about what to do after getting into an accident, some people make the mistake of not following those steps and it ends up hurting them down the line. Make sure you know how these situations unfold and your rights to protect yourself from any potential problems! A Lake Charles car accident attorney will help you in understanding these rights better.

The car owner can be held liable for any damages, but it all depends on the circumstances of the accident. If you borrow someone’s vehicle and get into an accident with them in it, there is plenty to consider before making your next move after getting out of their car. Remember, your lawyer will be your best companion here!

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