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What Are the Main Types and Uses of Ratchet Tools?

by Adamdoss

A ratchet is a type ½ inch ratchet of tool that rotates in a certain direction and blocks rotation in the opposite direction of motion. The ratchet handle is useful in providing a firm grip on the socket by using a square drive connector, while the other end remains connected to a fastener. We can say that a ratchet and a conventional wrench are quite similar in function because they tighten and loosen the fastener. Turning the ratchet in clockwise direction tightens the fastener while turning it in counterclockwise direction loosens the fastener. 

A ratchet mainly consists of two components: a toothed wheel and a pawl. The toothed wheel remains constant in one place and is rotated with the help of a lever. Ratchet tools are made from materials like cast iron, brass, steel, etc. common ratchet tools include screwdrivers, wrenches, pipe cutters, electrical crimpers. Ratchet tools have many types that are identified on different basis like on the basis of size a ½’’ ratchet is most commonly used. 

Types of Ratchets

As already mentioned, a ratchet can be divided into different types on various basis that includes its size, drive mechanism, and construction. 

On the Basis of Size

As ratchets work in combination with a variety of sockets that is why they are made in different shapes and sizes to best fit the socket. ¼’’ ratchet, ½’’ ratchet and 3/8’’ ratchet are the most commonly used ratchets. 

On the Basis of Drive Mechanism

On the basis of the drive mechanism used by ratchets like ½ inch ratchet Halfords, they are divided into two types: geared and gearless ratchets.

Geared Ratchet

A gear drive mechanism is used by many ratchet tools. The number of teeth that a ratchet has is inversely proportional to the force that is required to rotate the ratchet. From this we can say that the greater the number of teeth, the lesser strength will be needed to turn the tool like a ½ inch ratchet Screwfix. 

Gearless Ratchet

A rotatory motion is exhibited by the gearless ratchets by the use of roller bearings. So, as compared to geared ratchets, gearless ratchets need more magnitude of force to rotate the ratchets like a Draper ½ ratchet.

On the Basis of Construction

On the basis of construction ratchets are also divided into two types: joint head ratchets and flexible head ratchets.

Joint Head Ratchet

Joint head ratchets have a fixed construction. Which means that you cannot move or rotate them as it is required but it will have a fixed function for which it is made.

Flexible Head Ratchets

As the name indicates, flexible handle ratchets have a handle that can be moved around in order to adjust its angle as it is required. With this function the ratchet can be worked in congested areas of operation. These ratchets provide the operators with the ease of working and reaching congested areas by adjusting the ½’’ ratchet handle as you need to. 

Uses of Ratchets

Ratchet tools like ½’’ ratchet have many uses some of which will be mentioned below.

Tightening a nut is the first and foremost application of a ratchet tool. As compared to the traditional wrench, ratchet can help fasten the nut or bolt with less magnitude of force and with more ease.  With the help of a ratchet like ½ inch ratchet Screwfix the task can be completed quickly because there is no need of repositioning the tool again and again.

Turnstile doors also make efficient use of ratchets because ratchets allow the gate panel to move in one direction and block its movement in the opposite direction. These gates are commonly used for directing human traffic in a certain direction. Turnstiles are used in places like cinema halls, paid utility rooms, public transport, etc. you may know these gates by the common name of automated gates.

Ratchet spanner is another effective tool that consists of a ring like head to fit the fastener perfectly. The fastener head will remain constant in the ring unless you remove it forcefully. Such spanners, when rotated in one direction, block the movement in the opposite direction simultaneously.

Excess cargo in a vehicle can be held in place by the use of a ratchet winder. With the help of its string mechanism, it can rotate the excess strap around the body. In this way the straps can be stored in a proper manner. A ½’’ ratchet can make this function easier and more comfortable. 

Ratchet jacks are another tool that are used to lift or move heavy objects like heavy boxes, vehicles, etc, with the use of a lever mechanism and the ratchet techniques.

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