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Tips for growing potatoes on raised beds

by sachinlathiya567

Who does not love potatoes? These make an amazing side dish for practically every main course menu. You can easily grow potatoes in your own home. If you do not have the space in your backyard needed to grow potatoes, you can opt for garden boxes for vegetables. Raised beds have many benefits when it comes to planting potatoes. 

· They have an amazing drainage capacity. 

· The soil does not get hard-packed and always stays loose. This enhances the moisture retention in the soil, which allows for better growth of the plant.

· There is no risk of people walking and destroying your garden bed.

· This method gives you much more control over the soil and allows you to plant extensively.

· The plants are grown very close to each other, so they mature faster.

· Since the plants are densely packed; the weeds don’t get any space to grow. If a weed finds its way into your raised garden, it is very easy to spot and remove.

· Your gardening endeavor becomes very easy and comfortable when you don’t have to bend over a lot.

· Raised beds are also ideal if you live in an apartment or engage in balcony gardening or terrace gardening.

· Rest garden bed allows for crop rotation and separation. They also make companion planting and square foot gardening very easy.

Before you start planting the potatoes, check a few things.

The placement of the garden

Keep the raised garden bed at a location where it will receive the maximum sunlight. You are also responsible for protecting the garden bed from heavy rains and wind. Therefore, have the bed placed at a location where there is a fence or a building nearby.

The most common size in the case of garden bed is 3‘ x 3‘ or 3‘ x 4‘.

When you get the soil, get it in bulk. Make sure that you get 70% garden soil and 30% of organic compost. You must water the soil regularly to allow water retention. If you do not have the option of storing compost, you can keep adding compost now and then so that your plants keep getting nutrients.

If you are wondering how to grow potatoes in raised beds, here is your solution.

First, loosen the soil in the bottom region of the raised bed. Space out the seed potatoes around 12 inches apart from each other in all directions. Bury all the seeds at least 3 inches deep. As the potato starts growing, add more soil till the bed gets full. You can take your potatoes your potatoes out by removing the sides of the bed.

If you go for this method, you will get the largest yield of the potatoes, and they will be uniform in size. If your garden soil is grainy or hard-packed, this is the best method for you. The only issue with this is that you will have to bulk order your soil.

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