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The Ultimate Guide To Reducing Your Lip Gloss Packaging Costs

by alvinamartino

There is no other industry except the beauty industry that strives each day to create loyal customers. Beauty products are essential for every bathroom counter or vanity table in every house. There is one item from the whole beauty range that can take over the whole world, and that is lipstick. There is no woman without lipstick in her bag or car; one can be found in the office drawer too. 

Lipstick is a saver on a bad day! It is a cure for every problem that women have.

People make purchases based on the packaging they see as it is the first thing that commoners and beauty gurus see in a product when it arrives on the market. Cosmetic packaging is a bit tricky than other products. It has to depict the whole idea, color schemes, theme of the product and must inspire ladies. To make a striking entry in the market that is full of luxurious makeup brands and products that have outclass packaging, it is important to meet the standard. It is possible even if you are short on budget. Packaging companies offer complete customization options that let you create flexible packaging, will not bankrupt you, and will effectively attract the target audience. Best quality and sufficient packaging require proper planning, research, and a good deal of effort.


Reducing the cost alone on the purchase of lip gloss boxes material is not the solution for the problem. Cheaper and inferior material looks beautiful at the start and gives a feeling of accomplishment, but,  it does not work in the long run. Poor quality material creates problems down the lane when it brings disaster in the form of breakage of product, returns, and damage during shipping and costs even more while covering up for it.

To solve the problem, settle for the middle ground. Packaging that is cheapest in the most durable material available. Reliable material ensures the safety of the product, storage, and faster distribution.

Fit to size:

Make sure that your boxes perfectly fit the products in the box, leaving no extra space inside. Perfect sizes ensure better encasement of the products and reduce the cost of additional material and manufacturing of custom printed lip gloss boxes.

Small packaging cuts the shipping cost to half as the courier companies charge according to the weight of a package: smaller and lighter the box, lesser the price.

Catchy designs:

Simple yet attractive and trendy designs can help in reducing the amount of expense printing and designing. Beautiful and elegant designs that highlight product details are more effective in grabbing the attention of the customers. Focus on the things that matter the most and provide comfort to the customers like mentioning the color of lip gloss on the box with a graphical representation. Medium quality material can be made luxurious by proper designing and laminations. It gives a smooth finish to the boxes and any rough edges that affect the appearance of the box. To save extra bucks, you can get custom lip gloss boxes at wholesale rates which are the most reliable source for your packaging of any kind.

Fewer suppliers:

Stick to a single supplier that knows your needs, instead of paying different dealers for separate shipping for the same products you are getting from one provider.

Automated packaging:

Use the type of boxes that are easy to assemble and do not use manual labor. This way of packaging comes with two main benefits, and that is:

•    It speeds up the process

•    Reduce labor cost

It is to keep in mind that reducing packaging does not mean in any sense that product quality or protection can be compromised. If it happens, first of all, there is no way of coming back and if there is that is the longest and can take years to recover the loss. Every step of packaging needs proper planning and checking, keeping all the factors in mind that could affect the worth of your company.

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