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Setting Long-Term Career Development Plan: A Complete Guide

by ChrisGreenwalty
Career Development Plan

Career development plan is a list of life goals. It includes short-term goals, as well as long-term goals. This is based on job associated goals. People design a proper career plan considering the current job and its experiences. Every person has their own plan. You cannot go for someone’s plan. Because this plan is always based on the strengths and weaknesses of each person. These different strengths of each person make this plan different for everyone. There are lots of factors that matter in the career development plan. For example, it needs to be realistic. Through this aspect, you would not have to face disappointment after long term efforts.

Career development plan is not only for employees or graduates. A school going student can also develop a long-term plan.

Importance of Long-Term Career Development Plans

Long-term career development plan helps with different design based milestones in the form of chunks. Completion of every milestone works as an achievement. It helps you in maintaining your focus on the main goal. A career development plan helps you in knowing how much time and effort is left. It provides a clear track as well. Here you can see a set of hurdles and their solutions. You can also amend your plan based on the new requirements. It helps you in identifying the industry for the job easily. For example, your goal is to be a dentist. In this case, you would not waste time in the management, or business sector. You will prefer to have experience in the field of medicine. A career development plan helps a lot in the development of soft skills.  It makes you organised, and activated in terms of achieving your goals as well.

The Setting of Career Development Plans

The setting of career development plan includes some factors that make it achievable. And if you’re facing problem in setting this plan, the following factors can help you. Without these factors, your goal would remain hard to achieve.

Whatever your long-term plan is, it should meet the following criteria as suggested by experienced professionals of TheAcademicPapers.co.uk;


In career development plan, the main goal should not only to be that of becoming a successful person. It is obvious that everyone wants to be successful. That is why he/she is planning in the long term aspects. But a point to note here is that the area of success should be specific. You have to know where you want to be successful. For example, you want success in the business, or the engineering sector. When you specify your goal, it helps you in designing further milestones. If you want to be a businessman, you will plan accordingly. Your education, job, and experience would be in the business-related sectors.


Your career development plan needs to be a realistic one. Do not go for imaginary goals. If your goal is unique, you need to ensure the available resources. It should make sense. For example, a school going boy wants to be a CEO in the future. After his school life, he will go to college. And then, he will secure admission to a reputable university for his BBA degree. He can start his job after BBA. Or he can go for MBA as well as a further studying aspect. After that phase, he has to gain experience. For this, any reputable multi-national company would be a good option. He may start some management courses side by side. All these factors enhance the chances for him to become a CEO. This is how long-term career development plan works very well for a bright and secured future.


You need to set a time for each milestone, and then stick to that schedule. For example, you have to spend two years in college, and four in the university. After that, you need two years’ experience. This way, you have to plan things. Same as the track of plan needs to be measurable, and logical. For example, a person has commands in the management field. Then he would not prefer to go for data entry tasks in the long term. Same goes for a person who has command in the field survey. He would not prefer to go for administration work. In a career development plan, you have to see what your qualification, interests, and experience related aspects are. These factors help a lot in developing a good plan for the future. This plan keeps a person motivated about his bright future. It can be said that a life without goal is just like a body without soul.

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