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The Difference Between Men and Women When It Comes to Perfect Smile

by freefinanceza
Perfect Smile

This is a story about Perfect Smile a girl named Perfect Smile. It’s pretty much a normal one, with nothing out of the ordinary going on at all.

The sun rose in the sky and shone down on the little town below. In this peaceful land lived a perfect girl named Perfect Smile. She always smiled, never frowning or crying during her entire life. This was because she didn’t know what sadness felt like…or hate…or anger…or joy…she had no idea how to feel Perfect Smile, so she never did. As she grew up and learned more things, she continued to smile just as happily and cheerfully as ever before, growing into an even happier and cheerful woman than she had been when she was a young girl.

And that’s the story of Perfect Smile, who never knew sadness or joy, and lived happily ever after

The townspeople came from all around to pay respects to her, but they didn’t really know what to say in their eulogies. For a humble funeral, there were a surprising number of attendees, even though most of them didn’t really know her. Many people felt it would be wrong not to attend at least this one time in their life…just because you don’t know someone doesn’t mean you can just ignore death when it comes along! Even if they hadn’t had much interaction with her while she was alive, it didn’t mean she wasn’t important.

So Perfect Smile was given a real funeral like everyone deserves, especially since the only reason she was dead in the first place was that someone murdered her. It could have happened to anyone; maybe it would be you that next time. Her murderers were never caught because nobody saw them at all…no one even remembered their faces later on when they were repeatedly questioned about what they had seen during the crime. Either way, it hardly mattered now since even if they did get caught no punishments would matter for anyone dead anyway…at least not any more than your average purgatory sentence of trying to find meaning in your work by helping people you don’t know….those who knew her, later on, could only laugh as they read about Perfect Smile.

She was lying peacefully in her coffin, no longer smiling because that’s what dead people do; their faces go all sagging and sad. Her body was moved into the grave, having been placed there just an hour or so before with several flowers covering it. Several mourners came by to pay respects to this girl who had lived her life being perfect at everything she did…and not once smiling! It’s almost hard to believe that anyone could live life without ever frowning! Can you imagine how boring her funeral would have been if she never smiled? She wasn’t even trying for most of the time either, so it wasn’t like it

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