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How To Get Low Cost Pie Boxes With Ease

by Jack

Creative and innovative pie boxes have a major influence on how your product quality is perceived among the customer base. You obviously want to design them in a way that they look one-of-a-kind and function appropriately.

In this attempt, you may incur some additional costs. The extra costs can lower your profit margins and hence your business potential to grow over time. But, there are always some strategies that can help you keep your overall price or budget in check.

Optimization Of Dimensions

Cutting down the dimensions of the pie boxes a little bit does not take away an ounce of their exquisiteness. But, it surely lowers down their price by a great margin. The boxes with larger dimensions obviously need more materials in their making which means you would have to bear more costs.

The extra space left in the boxes needs to be catered with filler materials as well. Fillers like shredded paper and Styrofoam are expensive and increase your expenditures enormously. So, it is pertinent to trim the unnecessary fat from your boxes and optimize their size according to the exact dimensions. The reduction in the size of the packages, even by a few millimeters, would help you save a good amount of money in the end.

Abstain From Over-Printing

pie box

A common perception in the market is that more visual design elements are needed to make the packages look compelling. This is why everyone is seen over-printing and overdoing their packaging design. Subjecting your box design with pointless colors, graphics, and illustrations will only make it look redundant and dull.

On top of that, the printing of these irrelevant elements would increase your printing costs. To keep them in check, always opt for minimalistic design rules. The idea here is to print lesser text and graphics on the boxes. This would result in the lesser utilization of inks during printing, and you would save printing costs big time.

Go Green

A host of materials are being used when it comes to the making of pie packages. All of these materials are not fit to be considered for your packages. For instance, plastic and metal are not good options as they are unable to provide necessary product protection and cost more. One of the best stratagems to go here is to opt for green materials.

They are extremely inexpensive and have the special property of being eco-friendly. This means that you can use them again and again to make novel packages every time you are in need of packaging. Recycling them is a much less costly option than making new packaging boxes for your products.

Prefer Wholesale Purchases

Several confectionery brands go for retail orders just to make sure they are not left with extra boxes. They tend to think that leftover packages may not be utilized and may generate unnecessary waste.

It is not quite the case because pie packages can always be kept in a minted condition until their next use. Keeping that in mind, prefer placing wholesale packaging orders rather than retail ones. Wholesale packaging supplies come with a lot of discounts as packaging vendors lower down their profit margins in this case.

Make Them Lightweight

Making the pie packages lighter in weight is both functional as well as cost-effective. Trim the extra materials used in their making or use thinner cardboard that satisfies the security requirements. Doing so will make them agile and reduce your shipping expenses. Thinner material usage makes it possible for the boxes to occupy less space that curtails the money spent on transportation matters.

A decrease in your overall business expenditures on the pie boxes is vital to extend its growth. Their price can be easily minimized by trimming the extra fat and making them as lightweight as possible. Another fine approach to save yourself money here is to stop overdoing your packaging design.

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