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How To Make Going Back To School Post-pandemic Easy For Your Child?

by jamesjones

Introduction – How learning has changed during the pandemic, what can be the effects of children going back to school 

SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19, are the two different names of a life-changing event that emerged during the early phase of the year 2020 and became one of the deadliest pandemics in the history of the world. Not only did it make us remain shielded in our homes for a very long time of temporary lockdown, but it also put a halt to everything- corporate offices, all schools and colleges, and other institutions. 

The education system during the pandemic time turned upside down, and as per a report, 1.2 billion students were not able to get a classroom education. The ill-fated pandemic brought quite a few drawbacks along with itself, in respect to the student education and learning abilities. While students and teachers lost the connection, online learning gained mass recognition and became a popular, rather essential means to resume their studies. 

With these many sudden changes around the globe, it was time to put confidence in new ways of education, i.e online learning sessions. Till the time students were assured to go back to the schools, online learning rendered the necessary things such as flexibility in attending classes, time management, self-paced education, and a secured environment.

Although the lockdowns were lifted in many parts of the world and the pandemic regulations were curbed, going back to normal life seemed slightly convenient. Post-pandemic life is similar to a normal time, but with utmost precaution to take care of our health, market economy, and imperative aspects of our lives, like education. It is critical for every parent to encourage their children when they return to school following the pandemic. Students may find it difficult to return to school due to the learning gap, the influence of the current environment, and a variety of other factors. 

Let us discuss 5 tips to ease the back-to-school phase for your child- 

  • Spend time with them – Pandemic would not have been a pleasant experience for anyone, especially children. As a result, it’s critical to understand their mental state before urging them to return to school. If you’re a parent, you should spend quality time with your children to ensure that they’re mentally ready to go outside after such a long period. When you show your child that you understand them mentally or form an empathic relationship with them, it might help them stay emotionally attached to you. It also instills confidence in them, allowing them to open out to their parents about everything.
  • Talk to them about their schools – In a very long time, students haven’t been to their schools, so it is essential to let them know about their school, routine and educational growth. Bringing back those moments will help them get motivated and rediscover what was going on earlier. It boosts their morale, instills positive mental health, and encourages them to perform better. 
  • Stay in touch with the teachers – Next up, checking in with your child’s school teachers is extremely important to know if he or she is keeping up on the school premises and is able to concentrate well. Parents can obtain insights about their child’s performance post-pandemic and seek relevant guidance from the teachers, or private tutors. The school administration could also realize if your child is able to cope with the academic pressure and does not suffer due to the unavoidable learning gap.
  • Keep a close eye on the changing behavior of your child – You may notice a redundant behavioral shift as soon as your children return to school, which might be related to a tiresome schedule, a learning gap, or classroom life during the pandemic scenario. These are common events that must be dealt with appropriately. Doing so at the correct time will not only assist your children in effectively dealing with problems, but will also assist you in redirecting and channeling such behavior into something positive.
  • If required, talk to a therapist – Last, but not least, it is possible that some parents might not have sufficient knowledge resources to help their children in coping with the post-pandemic situation. If so, then it is an ideal situation to bring in a psychologist or child therapist to handle and cater to your child’s needs efficiently. Therapy professionals are experienced in addressing these situations proficiently and allow the children to focus more on honing their skill set. For young kids who are aimless and wish to ask a lot of questions, therapy sessions are typically extremely beneficial.


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