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Exness bonus promotion – 10% net deposit

by Brayden Gray
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Exness has been a leading broker in the Forex trading market since 2008. And there are a few pretty solid reasons for that. One is the growth of the Forex market itself, especially in South Africa. And the second is the minimum deposit rates that Exness offers. But you want to know about the Exness bonus. We have covered you; this article will detail everything you want to know about the Exness bonus.

The Cyprus-based broker is head-to-head in competition with some not very premium brokers in the market. Rather its competition is with the brokers who push competitive and attractive rates for its users and introduce bonus offers.

The forex market is very similar in its basic concept to the stock market, where you buy and sell shares. Still, you might not see brokers offering rates and bonuses as they do on the Forex market. And that might tingle your spooky senses, making you wonder what is in it for them? Is this legit? Am I going to get scammed and left looking like an idiot?

To answer these questions and give you the information you need about the Forex market in general, we’ll start with Forex trading and bonus offers that broker offers and how it is relative.

Exness Bonus

Many brokers are offering different kinds of bonuses to their users. It is rather a promotional scheme offered to new users and to entice more customers.

It is a fixed amount of money exclusive to new customers after they open an account, deposit money, or complete a certain number of trades with the broker. 

Exness offers several bouses, but this article will focus mostly on the net deposit bonus that Exness is offering

A net deposit bonus is when a broker offers you to top your deposited money off by a certain percentage when first trading with them. So, let’s say you add a hundred dollars to your Exness account as a new user. Exness broker will give you a ten percent bonus on that.

It is a compensation/reward situation, or you can think of it as a thank you from the broker for choosing them. A deposit bonus is the most common type of Bonus in Forex trading. There are other types of bonuses, like no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, VIP bonus, turnover bonus, reload bonus, and rebate bonus.

As a new user, you should consider no deposit or deposit bonus

With no deposit bonus, the broker will give you a small amount to start trading just for opening an account with them. On the other hand, the trader will give you a small percentage of the amount that you deposit into your account in a deposit bonus.

Net deposit amount is the difference between the total amount deposited by the trader in the trading account and the total amount withdrawn.

How to avail of this bonus?

Exness offers this bonus for standard accounts only at this moment, so if you want to open a pro account and you want to avail yourself this bonus, then you are out of luck, but honestly, anyone who is depositing two hundred dollars to open a pro account with Exness will most likely not be very intrigued by the small bonus offers

However, new users and especially people who are new to Forex trading will be interested in this offer, and they can follow a few simple steps to avail the offer

  1. Open a classic account with Exness
  2. Fill in the information
  3. Wait for verification
  4. Apply for bonus after first deposit
  5. It will automatically calculate the bonus amount based on your net deposit

No hidden terms.

You can find all the information about the bonus program on the website’s homepage. Some brokers will put an asterisk on the offers and put a reverse or fishy scheme with the bonus. Like charging a commission on the money the trader makes using the deposit bonus.

Exness deposit bonus is simple, and they deliver.

Scam free.

Bonus schemes are very widely used all around the forex markets for scamming customers. Exness is a regulated broker in Cyprus, so you are risk-free when you trade with Exness, and their bonus program is also safe and scam free

Best for new users.

It is best for new users who don’t have many resources or want to invest and risk a fortune in forex trading. They can avail of the bonus and get a little bonus on top of the deposit money

Minimum deposit + bonus.

Combined with its 10-dollar minimum deposit limit, the ten percent bonus program is very attractive for new customers and customers with limited resources

Not the best on the market.

It is a small amount of bonus on the market. As compared to brokers like OctaFX, who offer a 50 percent bonus with fewer restrictions

Not withdrawable.

You cannot withdraw the bonus amount of money that Exness gives you. You have to use it for trading. It is a fair policy, and deposit bonuses are not meant to withdraw. 


●     The sign-up bonus is also available.

●     Low trading fee


  •  Traders in certain jurisdictions cannot apply for the bonus due to governmental regulatory restrictions.

VerdictExness is a budget broker and offers all the necessary features that a broker should. Exness bonus is a standard deposit broker that is beneficial for new users. The bonus schemes, however, are more psychologically pleasing than being financially advantageous. The bonus will give you a slight satisfaction and a small bump on your first trade. Although it is nice to have, we do not recommend selecting an Exness broker based on their deposit bonus offer. If you find another broker that offers better features and even if it doesn’t have a bonus offer. We would recommend that you trade with them. Read more about us vs za.

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