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Everything you need to know about the Lemon Law of California

by jamesjones

The most common dream of a person after owning a house is to purchase a family vehicle that compliments all the ups and downs of his life. It usually takes years of hustle and savings to make this dream a reality. Owning a new/leased vehicle is an accomplishment in itself but imagine what will happen if your vehicle breaks down after just a few days of purchase? Who’ll be responsible? You? The dealer who sold you the vehicle? The manufacturer? or someone else?

This was a pretty common situation for the people of San Diego city in California until several laws were introduced to benefit their rights. One such law is the California Lemon Law. So let’s find out some more facts about this law and how people can benefit from it. If you’re just looking for a lemon law lawyer in San Diego, then also the following points would help you out in the whole process. 

What is California Lemon Law?

The CA Lemon Law is a unique law that protects you and your hard-earned money when your vehicle turns out to be defective and is not capable of getting repaired. According to the law, in such instances, the car manufacturer either repurchases the vehicle or replaces it.

Key points to remember

  • The CA Lemon Law only includes new or used vehicles that are leased for personal or household use. 
  • If you’re a businessman, then your vehicle qualifies under this law only if its weight is below 10,000 pounds and you do not have more than 5 other vehicles associated with the same business. 
  • The written warranty is mandatory for all vehicles, whether new or the used ones. 
  • This law also includes those vehicles which were already present in the lemon category but were repurchased directly by the manufacturer, suitably repaired, and then again resold with a genuine written warranty.
  • A suitable amount of repair attempts are also allocated to the manufacturer to repair the vehicle. If he fails to do it and the vehicle is comfortably covering all the facts of the California Lemon Law, then the manufacturer has to either replace, repurchase, or compensate for the vehicle. 

What should you do if you own a Lemon?

If you’ve just come across the fact that you own a Lemon vehicle, then firstly, you should not worry about it. You should consider consulting a lemon law lawyer in San Diego who will suitably help you at every step of the court procedure. Most lemon lawyers in San Diego work according to contingency, so you don’t have to worry about their fees until you succeed in the case. Following are the other benefits of a lemon law lawyer:

  • Lawyer’s expert mechanics

Hiring a lemon law lawyer would benefit you because usually, they have an expert team of mechanics with them who can suitably examine and evaluate your car and let you know about the real problem. 

  • Expertise

Hiring a lawyer would give you that upper hand in the case right from the first day. These lawyers are trained to represent their clients strongly in court proceedings which increases your chance of winning the case. This also increases the chances of an out-of-court favourable settlement that can benefit you.     

  • Legal expertise

Most people are not aware of the facts and points involved in such cases. This process of being lost in the case is not very beneficial for the future. So it’s better to hire the services of a lemon law lawyer in San Diego who can assist you with legal help and can take your case in the right and favorable direction.  

If you’re the owner of a Lemon vehicle and want your hard-earned money back, then we can surely help you in numerous ways. Sotera California Lemon Law attorney is a prominent name for providing the best lemon law lawyer in San Diego. So what are you waiting for? Click here to book your appointment today.

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