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Desert Safari Dubai: An Experience Like No Other

by Cruxair
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Dubai’s desert is part of an untouched territory where old-world charm has been preserved magnificently. In reality, this distinct region of the country is an essential component of the intriguing Emirates’ culture, legacy, and traditions. A desert safari is the best way to see its endless beauty and silence. Continue reading to learn more about this off-road experience that promises a refreshing getaway from modern Dubai’s urban congestion. 

Who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful sunrise? And they are amazing in the Middle East. This is one of the most refreshing ways to enjoy the desert’s captivating morning views while also having a lot of fun and adventure. Evening desert safaris offer the same activities as morning safaris, as well as a full barbeque lunch cooked to perfection and cultural experiences such as henna, falconry exhibitions, smoking a sheesha (hookah), and traditional Emirati cultural presentations (like Arabian belly dancers and tanoura dance performances). Of course, you’ll be enjoying all of this while reveling in the awe-inspiring desert atmosphere drenched with the orange-pink-golden hues of the setting sun.

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Overnight desert safari

At night, immerse yourself in the grandeur and majesty of Dubai’s desert. Participate in a variety of desert-inspired activities, feast on delectable cuisine, see traditional shows, and experience a spiritual stay beneath the canopy of the Arabian desert sky. Most importantly, this choice allows you to enjoy beautiful views of the sun setting and rising over the desert. Camel rides and dune bashing are two activities that can be included in your Dubai desert safari trips, making the safari an unforgettable experience. Other activities available here include sandboarding, sand-skiing, stargazing, a hot air balloon ride above the desert, and seeing cultural presentations.

Dinner in the desert

This option is for you if you want to explore the raw splendor of Dubai’s desert while avoiding the nerve-wracking adventure activities involved in a conventional desert safari. This allows you to not only savor a gourmet barbecue dinner in the middle of the desert but also to partake in a slew of activities that harken back to the region’s ancient Bedouin culture and traditions. Start your nighttime desert safari from your accommodation around three o’clock in the afternoon. The trip through the desert leads you to your destination camp, where you will spend the evening. When you arrive at the camp, you will depart for twenty to thirty minutes of dune bashing as the sunsets.

Red dune safari

Do you want to go on a new kind of desert safari in Dubai? Take a red dune safari to the scorched red dunes of the Lahbab region, which will take you deep into the desert. It has a certain natural charm to it. The entire environment has the sensation of a colorful picture coming to life. The full experience can last between 5 and 6 hours. Once you get to the event location in the desert, you may participate in a variety of activities such as a camel ride, riding an ATV through the dunes on your own, getting henna made on your hand, and watching expert-led Dubai desert safari belly dance displays. Stops will be made amongst the dunes so that you may take some amazing photos!

Quad biking and sandboarding

If you’re searching for a more thrilling approach to see Dubai’s desert sands, you may ride the solitary dunes in an easy-to-maneuver quad bike, which is even suitable for beginners and first-timers. Just make sure you’re over the age of 16 and don’t have any medical conditions that prevent you from participating in this strenuous exercise. You might also use a sandboard. As you strive to stay upright while gliding down the vast sand dunes, put your balance to the test. All you have to do is strap your feet into a robust sandboard and let the sands guide you! Desert safaris are various combinations of unique activities and experiences available in Dubai.

Camping in the desert

This is the pinnacle of any desert safari overnight! All camping equipment (tents, sleeping bags, and pillows) is provided, as well as limitless beverages. Your job is to enjoy sleeping in nature and camping under a starry sky. Not to add, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not be passed up, especially if you have the time. Standing in the heart of the Arabian Desert is a soothing experience since this beautiful country is a nirvana of calm and quiet late at night. This overnight desert safari might begin with a beautiful BBQ meal, a cultural program, and a desert dune safari in Dubai that can be extended into a desert camp stay. Visit this place.

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