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Priyanka Chopra’s Eye Makeup Routine – You Need to Checkout Once!

by EmmaMeaghan
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Priyanka Chopra is always on the news and magazine covers due to her hot eye makeup practices. She uses several tricks while doing eye makeup to change her entire look. You can also master the art of her impeccable eye makeup practice considering you pay attention to little details. Some of these details might be printed in the eye makeup boxes. Keep reading this guide to develop an understanding of Priyanka Chopra’s daily eye makeup routine. 

Eye Priming:

While getting started with her eye makeup, Priyanka Chopra always uses an eye primer as mentioned on the eye shadow box. This is the reason why her makeup stays intact for a longer period of time. Having oily eyes, she uses the primer to create a smooth surface so that that makeup could easily glide on the eyes. At times when her eyes are dry due to changes in weather, she uses only a tiny amount of eye primer. After that, she uses an eye shadow base so as to give her eyes a good base to settle on. 

Application of Basic Shades:

Unlike many other celebrities, Priyanka Chopra starts her eye makeup with four basic shades as stated on the printed eye shadow boxes. She uses a highlighter that is lighter as compared to her skin tone. Other than that, she also uses a matte mid-tone shade, matte black shade, and a counter shade that is darker than skin tone. At times she uses a facial highlighter as well for an everyday natural look.

Adding the Contour Shadow:

Once she is done with the application of the basic shade on the eyes, she applies a counter shade. She makes sure to apply this in a way that it is precisely in the crease of the eyes. She also blends the shade outward a little bit in her desired shape. The contour shade is relatively a darker shade that is useful in defining the eyes in a better way.

The eye shadow brush used by her is usually smaller as it effectively helps in creating a high definition. Do not always rely upon the information printed on the custom eye shadow boxes when adding the contour shadow. Otherwise, retail packaging may not be able to create the desired definition. 

The Blending Of Eye Shadow:

Priyanka Chopra does not like to blend her eye shadows with harsh lines. This is because she prefers a more natural look than that of an artistic look. That is why we see her using a larger eye shadow brush to blend her eye shadows perfectly. 

Eyeliner Application:

Priyanka Chopra never gets carried away by the eyeliner application. This is why she always prioritizes applying eyeliner to the top lid only. She often uses a pencil with an eyeliner brush when eyeliner is in the form of a gel. Pencil is used in smaller strokes so as to connect the line to the top of the eyelid. 

Curling Of Lashes:

You may have seen an eyelash curler along with other eye makeup products packed in eye shadow boxes wholesale. Priyanka Chopra uses the same eyelash curler to curl her eyelashes. In a recent video that got viral on social media, she could be seen lightly cuddling the curler together at the base of lashes. As she has a taste for a natural look, she gently curls her eyelashes. 

Applying Mascara to Lashes:

Once the eyelashes are curled, she applies mascara to the lashes. Again, she applies it only at the top lashes while leaving the lower lashes as it is. She follows a special procedure here by slanting her head back and slightly moving the mascara brush from foundation to tip. 

Brow Corrector:

She then gives final touches to her eye makeup with an eyebrow corrector. This is used so as to shape the brows with stray hairs. It also provides a definition and polish to the brows that ramp up her look further fashion. Eye shadow boxes come printed with various instructions for a creative look. But, Priyanka Chopra has a makeup taste of her own. She occasionally follows these instructions and prefers the makeup practices that lead towards a natural look of the eyes. 

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