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7 Amazing tips to make your brand look fabulous with Kraft boxes

by Flora harvey
kraft paper box

There are a lot of packaging solutions available in the market. However one of the most prominent among them is the Kraft paper box. The Kraft material is eco-friendly as it is extracted from pine timber. It keeps the environment safe and also reduces the waste in landfills. No doubt, Kraft packaging is customer-friendly. It is available in different shapes sizes and colors. When customers cherish your products and packaging it will help your brand grow. This packaging is popular due to its sturdy nature. It is easy to customize them with different features. Here are seven amazing tips to make your brand look fabulous with Kraft boxes.

Keep the standard high

Customers look for attractive packaging and it gives a good impact on the quality of products too. As Kraft paper box is considered a good quality packaging the customer will believe that the product inside is also good. It keeps the delicate products safe from harsh weather conditions. The premium vinyl laminations can make them look classy. If you use gloss and matte it will also enhance the appeal of the packaging. When your brand sells luxurious jewelry products Kraft packaging will serve the best purposes. It is easy to use print informative details about the product as this packaging is printing friendly. Many customers like personalized packaging and you can present your items to attract them. When the product display is attractive it will make your brand more recognized. You can also get your name and phone number printed at the top of the box.

Appropriate color schemes

Kraft boxes are durable and eco-friendly that can impress your targeted customers. The color scheme for packaging plays an important role in the recognition of the brand. You can get your logo embossed with vibrant colors. No, doubt color psychology is going to impact the mind of customers. Make sure you choose the color schemes carefully and creatively. If you are not sure taking help from packaging companies will not be a bad idea. They can recommend some good color combinations that can give a new identity to your brand. The colors you choose must resemble the kind of products you sell. When it comes to food packaging red is one such color that is loved by all. The green color is suitable for healthy and natural foods. You can use blue color for the packaging of bakery items as it represents fun.

Alluring typography

The printing of a Kraft paper box plays an important part when it comes to promoting the brand. Nowadays typography is trendy and it makes the boxes look very appealing. If the packaging is printed well it can attract a lot of customers. The printed information about the product has to be comprehensive. However, the style of representing it makes a huge impact. You can make use of serif fonts as they are easy to read for many buyers. When you offer an easy packaging design with alluring typography it elevates the brand. As Kraft is an eco-friendly material it will improve the impression of your brand in the market.

Promote green business

Modern customers are inspired to purchase eco-friendly packaging. With the use of Kraft boxes, you can present your brand beautifully. When your customers know that you care to keep the environment safe it will build up a strong relationship. The best thing about Kraft material is that it is biodegradable and recyclable at the same time. Brands don’t need to go out of their budget as it is pocket-friendly. It will lessen the burden on natural resources. Brand owners can print suitable symbols, marks, and quotes to give ‘’eco-friendly’’ messages. As many people are going green these marketing techniques will help your brand grow faster. You can also make use of UV spot, gloss, matte, and lamination to make Kraft packaging alluring and visually appealing.

Print necessary brand information

The custom paper boxes offer a unique way to represent your brands and products to customers. You can get your logo embossed and make your brand recognized among rivals. There is intense competition among businesses and it is important to remain creative. You can take help from the printing services to present branding information. The primary information includes the name, telephone, and address of your brand. Make sure that the color schemes are chosen according to the theme of your brand. If you have a cosmetic brand choosing subtle and feminine colors will be attractive for customers. This is the best way to make your brand look astonishing and mesmerizing. It becomes difficult for new buyers to miss out on the printed box. They offer a lot of benefits for branding and enhancing sales.

Alluring graphics and images

The packaging you choose becomes your brand ambassador. When customers see attractive Kraft boxes in the retail store they make quick purchase decisions. The use of alluring graphics and images is beneficial for a brand’s image. If your targeted customers are kids you can print images of their favorite cartoon characters. There are many types of illustrations that make the packaging look very impressive. Brand owners can also choose an artwork that presents the theme of their products fully. No doubt the artwork will also represent the rich taste of the brand. This is why illustrations and graphics are an important part of brand promotion. It will attract buyers and sales will also enhance. Personalized die-cut windows are also a popular choice among many brands. It makes the brand image very glorious. 

Flexibility in packaging

The custom Kraft box is flexible and versatile. This packaging is widely used in the industry due to its high-quality features. The Kraft packaging is suitable for packing cosmetics, soaps, jewelry, food items, and much more. You can easily customize the boxes according to your requirement. It is important to personalize the box according to the preferences of customers. There are various styles, designs, and colors that are attractive for buyers. It also allows you to purchase a box according to the size of the product. If the packaging box is too big it will be an expensive choice. At the same time if the box is too small it can damage the product. 

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