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5 Tips To Make Your Printed Boxes More Attractive And Cool

by earstineharvey
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Packaging is a complicated task; still, one cannot ignore it while making goods for their brands. All the goods need to be packed in the boxes perfectly before coming into the market. These boxes can boost the firm’s sales and grab customers’ attention. Without these printed boxes, the goods do not look appealing or presentable to the audience. That is the reason you should launch your items packed amazingly in the printed boxes.

To make these boxes, brands can either use Kraft board box packaging or corrugated material as they are the most solid and reliable boxes. Besides this, they don’t have any negative impact on the environment. Therefore, you can use these boxes without any hesitation. So here we will discuss 5 tips to make your printed boxes more attractive and cooler.

Unique Color Patterns and Think about typography:

For the cd covers printing, every firm must sensibly decide on a perfect combination of color patterns. That can enhance the beauty of these designs and boxes as well. Colors are the primary tool that can change the overall look of the box and make a product that can grab customers’ attention. That is why sometimes brands face difficulty choosing the right colors for the cardboard box printing as their one decision can badly affect or shape the complete packaging process.

So, they can think about the customer’s likes and dislikes, plus the latest market trends and the product they have to pack inside. All these three things can help your firm opt for appropriate color patterns for the cd cover printing. Contrary to this firm have to label the boxes with essential details and the brand’s logo so for both these things they should decide the following three things:

  1. Language for the labeling
  2. Accurate font size
  3. the fascinating font style for the custom printed gift boxes

These three things can increase the charm of the printed boxes efficiently.

Amazing Styles:

Choose amazing styles for the custom printed pillows packaging. A box shape is the first thing that any customers notice even before looking at the product inside. And even by looking at these printed boxes, they can decide either to buy them or not. So always think twice before selecting the shape for the boxes of various products. But keep one thing in mind that the shape should be friendly for the customers.

They can easily carry from one place to another, and when they start to unbox it, they can have a fantastic feeling. If the customers are happy and like you’re packaging, they will suggest your packaging with various print on boxes to their friends and family and tell them to shop from your brand. Ultimately this step can enhance your firm’s sales in less or more time. Some of the box shape ideas are:

  1. Reverse Tuck style packaging
  2. Sleeve slider boxes
  3. Pillow style packaging
  4. Full overlap style boxes
  5. Square shape boxes
  6. Sliding boxes
  7. Wallet shape box packaging
  8. Folding boxes
  9. Gable boxes
  10. Boxes with lids

All these shapes look amazing but choose wisely according to your product shape and design.

Handles and Windows:

If any company wants to win customers’ hearts in just a fraction of seconds, they can add these two things to their cd covers printing boxes.

  1. Handles: Handles are usually made from cardboard material, and they can bear the whole weight of the box. These handles can save your brand from loss because one can carry the boxes easily with the help of these handles. And there will be almost zero chances of the box falling on the floor. These handles are like protection for cardboard box printing. So, it is a good option for various brands
  2. Windows: This packaging style can tempt the public to buy goods from your brands. These window packagings are mostly liked for food packaging like cupcakes, documents, chicken, packed items, etc., as they provide an insight view of the box and insist customers buy the product and taste it once in their life.

Both the ideas are good and can be beneficial from a business point of view.

Keep the designs simple:

When you are selecting the cd cover printing, you have to choose simple designs for the box. Because simple attracts more than complicated layouts, even you should choose the design by keeping the box size in mind to make fascinating boxes, not clumsy custom printed gift boxes.

Launch Special packages to promote events: On special occasions, your brand can make custom printed pillows with the design related to that event. For instance, on Christmas, you can print Santa clause or Christmas tree on the boxes to give your warm wishes to the customers through your product packaging. And for valentine’s day, you can print cute messages on the cardboard box printing so that people love to buy your boxes and gift them to their loved ones.

Add ons:

The brand can add various things to the printed boxes to make them even more pretty because people use these boxes to wrap different things and present them as a gift to their dear ones. So, at this time, brands can use lamination on the custom printed gift boxes. As lamination can make your boxes look luxurious and amazing when you present such packaging as a gift. Plus, you can add ribbons of various colors or stickers on the cd covers printing boxes. If you want to make your boxes adorable, then use ribbons to make a bow of any color you want.


So, all these are the tips you can follow to make your printed boxes attractive and cool. Once people like your packaging and print on boxes, they will surely love your products as well. Because the firm is creating fantastic packaging, they surely will work hard to make the best products. And then launch them in the market so that no one gets disappointed from your company. It will indeed be an outstanding achievement for your firm when all the customers are satisfied with your brand’s services.

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